Pulling Weeds vs Treating Weeds

It’s springtime, which means rain, heat, more rain and then a lot more heat. This combination of weather changes is perfect for encouraging weed growth, especially for weeds that weren’t treated over the winter months. Weeds are a common problem in yards and gardens, and they can be a nuisance to manage. There are two main ways to get rid of weeds: pulling them by hand (or digging them out) or treating them with a herbicide.

Pulling Weeds by Hand

Pulling weeds by hand can be labor-intensive, but it also gives property owners the most control over what weeds are removed. This method can also be a catch-22 because on one hand it can sometimes prevent a weed from growing back, but on the other hand, depending on the weed, it can trigger the germination of weed seeds that were lying dormant in the soil. Germination is when seeds start to take root in the ground and grow. Although pulling weeds manually can be great exercise and relaxing to some people, it can sometimes do more harm than good.

Treating Weeds with a Herbicide

Herbicides are chemicals applied directly to weeds using a sprayer. This method is often more effective than manually pulling weeds because it kills the weeds at the roots without spreading seeds and encouraging growth. Before spraying weeds, it’s important to purchase the right chemical(s) for the right weeds and then to read the instructions before applying to the lawn or garden. Some herbicides can do little harm to neighboring plants and flowers, while others may inadvertently damage neighboring plants. It’s important to understand the difference in weed killers.

When to Hire Professionals

Alabama’s weather and soil can make weed management difficult for most homeowners because of how quickly weeds grow and spread. For this reason, hiring a lawn management company that specializes in eliminating weeds and promoting strong grass growth can be an advantage. Professionals already have access to a wider variety of chemicals, most are safe enough to be used around playgrounds, and they can stop weeds from germinating and taking root in the ground. By the time an average homeowners buys the yearly materials needed to treat their lawn, plus the cost of the time it takes to go to the store and then actually conduct the treatments, they could have purchased regular treatments from professionals, such as United Pest and Turf.

If there are only a few small weeds in yard or garden, they could likely be managed manually, but for lawns and gardens with patches of weeds throughout, hiring professionals to get everything under control and in good working order is an excellent investment.

Pulling Weeds vs Treating Weeds in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee

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