5 Ways Professional Turf Care saves Homeowners Money

Lawn care in Alabama can be tricky. For example, if it rains a lot, the weeds will pop up and quickly take over healthy grass growth. Then, if it’s too dry, the weeds will pop up and quickly take over healthy grass growth. Finally, if it’s too hot for too long, the weeds will pop up and quickly take over healthy grass growth. See a pattern? Lawns in this area need special attention with a good balance of preventative care, targeted treatments, fertilizer and regular maintenance in order to encourage strong grass development that’s lush and green.

Hiring professionals to help maintain the appearance of the lawn may seem like a major expense, but it can actually save homeowners time and money.

1. Knowing the products and timing

Walking into the lawn and garden department at a giant retail store can be intimidating for someone who isn’t familiar with lawn chemicals. Using the wrong product at the wrong time can cost a lot of money, or be money that’s just washed away after a heavy rain. In some cases, chemicals designed for weed control can also kill or damage healthy grass, which can leave dry, dead spots in the yard. It costs homeowners more to repeat treatments because they were applied at the wrong time or with the wrong product, then it would to have a professional take care of it.

Trained lawn care professionals know which products are best used for weed prevention, control and fertilization. Plus, they’re experts in identifying when to use a granule-based product versus a liquid-based product due to the weather conditions.

2. Not all lawns are the same

It’s a common misconception that professional turf control companies use a one-size-fits-all approach to weed control and lawn maintenance. In fact, reputable companies, such as United Pest and Turf Control, create a customized plan for each customer, based on the lawn and property’s features. Some yards sit on a higher water table than others and require different treatments, whereas others may have large flowerbeds that need protected and maintained. Professionals can address each homeowner’s needs and create a plan that works best for that environment

3. Preventative treatments

A majority of Alabama’s weeds germinate, or begin to sprout, in the fall and winter. This means the weeds are ready to make a grand appearance as soon as the weather is warm for a few straight days. The best way to eliminate weeds from appearing in the spring is to prevent them from germinating in the first place. Prevention is key. A quality lawn maintenance company, such as United Pest and Turf Control, ensures the lawn is well treated with preventatives so weeds don’t pop up at the first sign of spring. Not all quality preventatives can be found at the big box stores, as several are sold for commercial, professional use only.

4. Time

Hiring pros to take care of the lawn saves time, which can equate to money and time with friends and family. Even though it may seem like the pros are only at the house for a few minutes, that’s because they have commercial equipment that makes the job go faster. Having to treat an acre of turf without commercial equipment can take hours if you include the time it takes to visit the store, find the right product(s), go home and then apply it. All that is time which could be spent with the family or friends.

5. Expert Advice

The quality lawn care team is made up of a group of professionals that stays current on the latest products, seasonal changes in grass and weed growth, weather developments and more. They understand how direct sunlight or heavy shade can impact bushes, flowers, grass and weed growth, and know what to do if there’s been days of heavy rain or weeks of no rain. Team members can offer great advice for managing plants around the exterior of the property.

The biggest savings customers notice when using a professional company to maintain the quality of the lawn, are time, space and knowledge. Experts will save homeowners time because the job can be done efficiently. They’ll save the homeowner storage in the garage because chemicals and equipment will no longer need a place to go. Plus, if a product isn’t used, it won’t sit in the garage taking up valuable space. Finally, pros, such as those at United Pest and Turf Control, are constantly learning about their industry and how to implement new best practices or combat stubborn invasive weeds.

5 Ways Professional Turf Care saves Homeowners Money in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee

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