German Cockroaches

What does a German Cockroach look like?

German Cockroaches are small pests, only about a half inch in size. Their color is mostly tan to black with two dark lines running from their head to the base of the wings; juveniles look similar, just a fraction darker in tone and are smaller. Although this insect has wings, it prefers to run versus fly.

Habits and Lifespan of German Cockroaches

These pests will eat anything available, including crumbs, food, anything sugary, meats, even soaps and toothpaste. They’re usually found indoors in kitchens or bathrooms where the air is warm and there’s moisture available, such as from drains or faucets.

The average female German Cockroach will produce four to six egg cases, each which carries 30-40 eggs (that’s up to 240 eggs in some cases), and she carries the cases only for a day or two before they hatch. It takes 100 days for this pest to grow from a hatchling to an adult. On average, they live for five to seven months.

Damage Caused by German Cockroaches

German Cockroaches can create significant health concerns. Their legs pick up bacteria, which can cause diseases, and then deposit that bacteria onto food and in areas where food is prepared. Dust with the pest’s feces or body parts, can also trigger severe allergic reactions in some individuals. While a few German Cockroaches may not put off much of a smell, large infestations can produce a strong, noticeable odor that is somewhat musty.

How to Control German Cockroaches

Eliminating these pests can be difficult because they can populate so quickly. The key is to keep areas clean and remove food and water sources immediately. Removing and cleaning up food particles from sinks and floors, vacuuming frequently and sanitizing countertops will greatly reduce the risk of German Cockroaches. Professionals should be contacted if the pests keep appearing or the smell lingers. Licensed, experienced pest control companies can create customized solutions to minimize health risks associated with these pests and eliminate the problem.

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