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Bed bugs in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee | United Pest & Turf Control

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are an increasingly common problem in the home and workplace. The warmth from a host’s body provides bed bugs with ideal breeding grounds, making them difficult to eliminate. As a homeowner, business owner or parent, you want to keep your home, co-workers and family safe from these unwelcome, gross visitors. It’s important to

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Ticks in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee | United Pest & Turf Control

Black Leg Tick

Similar to other tick species, the Black Leg Tick, or Deer Tick, is often found in grassy, wooded areas among grassy vegetation and near animal nests or burrows. Unlike the American Dog Tick, this species cannot survive indoors without a host. Insect Description Just in time for Halloween, the Black Leg Tick’s body is orange-ish

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American Dog Tick control in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee by United Pest & Turf Control

The American Dog Tick

Just in time for fall, we introduce another bloodsucking tick. The American Dog Tick, also known as a Wood Tick, lives near water sources, such as rivers, streams, creeks and lakes. These ticks often attach themselves to mammals such as deer, raccoons and others who are enjoying a refreshing drink. However, despite their natural habitat

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