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5 Ways a Pest Control Company Saves Money

A study in North Carolina found that out of 550 household rooms, from 50 houses, only five rooms were completely free of insects and spiders. That means one percent of rooms were pest free! The study also collected more than 10,000 species of pests from the studied homes. Although North Carolina’s climate differs slightly from ours in Alabama, there are still plenty of similarities – we all have bugs that live outside that want to find a way inside. The study did not share what percentage of homes had regular pest control service.

It’s safe to say that a majority of people do not wish to share a living space with tens or hundreds of insects, which is one reason why pest control is important. Reducing the threat of home damage caused by pests is another great reason people invest in regular pest control. Below are five ways pest control ultimately saves homeowners money.

1. Termites cause a billion dollars in damage each year

Termites are sneaky pests that are excellent at finding their way into people’s homes and businesses. They can feed on a structure for months or years undetected, which then results in thousands of dollars in damage. Termites do not travel alone and the damage can be extensive, plus it’s not always easy to locate. Repairs resulting from termite damage can range from a few hundred dollars to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. The best way to combat termites is by investing in proven termite prevention, such as the Sentricon® System.

2. Ants cost the world over $119 million in damage annually

Although carpenter ants feed on wood like termites, they are not the same and the methods of prevention are different. Carpenter ants can cause damage to drywall, structural damage, furniture and more, which can require property owners to pay thousands of dollars in repairs and extermination. This type of ant usually starts outside the home and works its way inside through tunnels. Carpenter ants can live in a property without ever touching human food because it thrives on wood-based products.

Other species of ants are also destructive and capable of damaging wiring, insulation and contaminating food. Because ants are so small and live in colonies with thousands of other ants, they can be difficult to control and eliminate. Prevention of ants is more cost effective than extermination and repairs, which can easily reach hundreds or thousands of dollars.

3. Cockroaches are difficult to remove

These dirty pests can cause an increase in allergies and carry diseases, plus if there’s one cockroach, chances are there are multiple hiding. Some commercial products can be effective at removing a few roaches but the fastest, safest way to eliminate an infestation is hiring professionals. Cockroaches are difficult to eliminate because they’re nocturnal and females can produce 200-300 eggs within a year.

Through bait traps, professional-grade sprays and thorough inspections, experts can eliminate cockroaches faste, cheaper and easier than buying can after can of spray from a local store. Additionally, once cockroaches have been discovered it will take multiple visits and treatments to fully eliminate the problem.

4. Rats and Mice create over $2 million in damage each year

Rats and mice love to chew, and they’re not picky about the material they chew through. These furry rodents will gnaw through wires, insulation, drywall, carpet, food, cabinets, flooring, doors, furniture and so much more. They’re also experts at building nests in unusual places, such as air ducts, behind walls, above ceilings and other places that may not be easy to access or quickly locate. Like other pests, if one mouse or rat is spotted, it’s likely there are others nearby, which can make them difficult to eliminate. These pests also carry diseases that can be transferred to humans through germs in waste and the spreading of bacteria.

5. Prevention is cheaper than an infestation

The best way to prevent insects and spiders from entering and damaging property is to prevent the pests from entering in the first place. Homes and businesses that see a stray spider or bug can usually eliminate the problem with a simple commercial solution (or shoe), but repeat visitors can be a sign of a larger problem. There are always times of the year when pests may try and find their way indoors, but through regular pest service, the likelihood of a major swarm or infestation is minimal.

Regular pest control can cost less than $50 per month, which is a far cry from the costs associated with repairing pest damage and extermination. A quality pest service, such as United Pest and Turf Control, will put down a strong layer of outdoor protection around areas where pests are most likely to enter, such as doorways, windows, around the foundation, basements, crawl spaces and crevices. To reduce the threat of spiders, the experts will remove spiderwebs from eves, corners and areas spiders like to build webs.

On average, pest control experts will visit a property every month or 10 times per year, however, they’re always on call if there’s a sudden influx of pests on the property. It’s easier to remove pests at first sight versus waiting to see if the problem solves itself or trying alternate methods. Pests can create a lot of damage in a few days or weeks.

Regular pest control drastically reduces the opportunity pests have of entering a premises and offers rapid response to any unwanted pests. Contact us to learn more about regular pest control and get a free estimate for your property.

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