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New Technology Stops Mosquitoes in their Tracks

A cutting-edge mosquito-fighting technology is making its way to North Alabama, and United Pest and Turf Control takes pride in being the first to introduce it. While foggers have been widely utilized by various communities and pest control companies to combat mosquitoes (including ourselves until recently), this method, although effective, falls short in preventing the hatching of mosquito eggs and the subsequent emergence of adult mosquitoes. As of July, we have begun providing a novel approach to mosquito treatment known as the In2Care® Mosquito Stations.

Mosquitoes are difficult to treat because their larvae hatches quickly, within five days, and females can live and breed for up to five months; males only live about a week. This means that once the effectiveness of a fogging treatment wears off, usually in about a week, the mosquitoes restart their cycle. Additionally, mosquitoes are experts at laying eggs in hard-to-find areas, which makes it difficult to eliminate the offspring.

Our partnership with In2Care Mosquito Stations gives homeowners and businesses peace of mind that mosquitoes will disappear for good.

Here’s how it works:

  • One station covers about 4,000 square feet, so most yards will want two stations, one for the front and one for the backyard. The stations are about a foot tall and 14 inches wide, the size of a small bucket. Don’t worry, they’re descript and easily hidden among landscaping.
  • Inside the station is water with a mosquito-attracting odor, but don’t worry, you and guests won’t smell it unless you go right up to the station and take a whiff, and even then it won’t smell like much.
  • Mosquitoes enter the station and come into contact with a gauze pad soaked in the treated water, effectively contaminating the pest with a fungus and larvicide that’s proven to kill mosquito eggs.
  • The mosquito will fly out of the station and spread the larvicide to breeding grounds and other mosquitoes. This helps kill mosquitoes in hard-to-find areas and neutralizes their breeding grounds.
  • In addition to eliminating mosquito eggs and larvae, the fungus infects the mosquito that entered the station and will terminate her as well.
  • While it’s possible to still get a few mosquito bites or hear them a few weeks after installing the stations, the presence of mosquitoes falls drastically after about three weeks.

One feature we love about the new In2Care mosquito stations is how environmentally-friendly they are for families and pets. The chemicals used will not harm surrounding plants or flowers and is designed so pets cannot drink from. Plus, if it tips over, the water will mostly stay inside and anything that leaks is harmless, unless you’re a mosquito.

Any family or business that’s struggling with mosquitos is encouraged to try our new mosquito stations because they’re safe, effective and cost the same as traditional treatments. Contact us today to learn more about this technology and having it installed at your home or business.

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